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Pellowah and Reiki Healing 

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Reiki & Pellowah Healing and Workshops, Melbourne

At The Emerald Vision, I provide Reiki and Pellowah healing in order to promote the natural healing of mind, body and spirit, through the channelling of life-force energy directly to the client. These alternative therapies can make a very positive impact on your life.

I also offer a 2 day  Pellowah workshop for those seeking to further their own personal and spiritual development, and/or to share the blessings of Pellowah with others by becoming a practitioner. Pellowah Level 1 is the Practitioner workshop, and Level 2 is the Expansion of Consciousness workshop. The courses are usually offered as a unit, but can be offered separately if required. Included in the course is Certification, workbooks, and registration as a Pellowah practitioner with Kachina Ma'an.

The next workshop is scheduled for June 10-11 and will be located at Qi Crystals, 743-745 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield South. The workshop will run from 10:00am - 5:30pm (approx.) over two days. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.  The cost is $400.00.

In the Level 1 workshop you will receive the attunements necessary to become a practitioner of this powerful healing technique. You will then be able to give treatments to family, friends, clients and animals. In the Level 2 workshop you will receive an attunement to connect to the higher part of you, and through this connection, bring higher vibrational energy into your everyday life. During the workshops there will be much discussion, we will practice healings and distance healings and we will work with symbols and meditations.

About Pellowah...

Pellowah is an Angelic term that means 'Radical Shift in Consciousness'. It was channelled from spirit by the Australian spiritual teacher, Kachina Ma'an in the early 2000's. This form of healing unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connectedness and well-being.

It is a gentle yet powerful and highly effective energy healing technique that works on all levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual, empowering you, through personal and spiritual expansion, to take charge of your life and create positive and lasting change.

Some Benefits of Pellowah:

Pellowah calms the emotions, clears the mind and brings about a greater feeling of inner peace, strength and confidence.

Pellowah helps with overcoming the blocks of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and depression

Through Pellowah, you can experience a new, expanded perception and a more objective understanding of and outlook on life

Pellowah brings about an expansion in consciousness, leaving you with a feeling of connection and well-being that seems to last and in fact gets stronger as time goes by

What to Expect During a Pellowah Treatment...

Pellowah is a non-contact energy healing technique. You will lie fully clothed on the massage table while the practitioner moves their hands above and around your body, channelling Pellowah energy directly to you. The energy will go to where it is most needed.

The session will last about an hour and generally speaking, you will feel a new lightness and sense of peace after your treatment.

About Reiki...

Reiki is a Japanese term, often translated as 'universal life force energy'. It is a gentle yet powerful form of energy healing that was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th Century. It is a non-manipulative and non-invasive energy treatment that enhances the natural healing ability of body, mind and spirit, and promotes relaxation and well-being.

Like Pellowah, Reiki can be used on its own as a healing practice, and may also be used to support orthodox and complementary medicine.

Reiki Can Help:

  • If you're unwell, in pain, or in distress and in need of some help and support
  • If you're feeling down or stressed/anxious
  • If you sometimes feel the pressure of things being 'too much'
  • If you need some help and support to relax, recharge, and calm your mind
  • If you seek some peace, centredness and nourishment

What to Expect During a Reiki Treatment...

During a Reiki Treatment, you will lie on the massage table while the practitioner places their hands gently upon your body in various positions. Through the hands, Universal Life-Force Energy will be channelled directly to you. This energy supports and enhances your natural ability to heal and will be directed to where it is needed.

The treatment can offer balance, harmony, and healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It is also common to experience feelings of harmony, acceptance, serenity, relaxation, increased vitality and inner peace.



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Pellowah Healing Treatment
60 mins
Pellowah Levels 1 and 2 Workshops
2 days
Reiki Healing Treatment
60 mins
Reiki and Pellowah Combined Healing Treatment
90 mins

Special Offers:

  • Enjoy a 20% discount on your first treatment
  • Take advantage of a 20% discount on your next treatment for referring a friend
  • Student, pensioner and/or Health Card holder discounts are available: 10% off on treatment prices (not to be used in addition to the introductory discount offer of 20%)